What is StockholmDiet.com all about? What is StockholmDiet.com all about?

What is StockholmDiet.com all about?

Healthy and personalized weight loss plan! StockholmDiet.com weight loss plan is based entirely on tasty and healthy food and does not involve physical training, or starving or use of any food supplements, pills or medication.

StockholmDiet.com weight loss programme has been developed by certified nutrition experts and trainers, and is patented smart nutrition technology.

StockholmDiet.com has been around for more than 10 years during which we've helped over 3 million people to lose weight in 170 countries around the world. Our nutrition plans have gained such popularity, that celebrities in Germany, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic and other countries have used this diet as a trusted way to lose weight for good! By having such a large client base we've learned a lot about how to create successful nutrition plans and used this knowledge and data to create our very own patented smart nutrition technology, that is a huge help to our certified nutritionists. 

StockholmDiet.com as a registered medical institution provides only the best weight loss solutions available, so you can be sure that you are in good hands here. Also - your plans will always be adapting to your progress - if we notice that your plan can be improved for better and faster weight loss - it will be updated along the way!

The personalised nutrition plans are created by our best certified nutritionists, who take all the customer’s personal preferences and requests into consideration.

You will get a list of recipes each day (4 recipes and 1 special trick for you to lose weight even faster) to follow a healthy weight loss diet and a shopping list. If you click on the recipes, you will find the instructions on how to prepare meals. Our recipe database is constantly updated with new and tasty recipes. In addition, if you see a recipe you don't like - no worries! You can change it by selecting any of the three other options the app offers you! Here in StockholmDiet.com we believe that successful weight loss is possible also if you enjoy your food!

After the purchase, you will get a nutrition plan in a DIGITAL FORM. You can access your nutrition plan online from your computer or phone. We do not send any physical nutrition plans to your email, so that they don't ever get lost in the incoming stream of different emails. From now on, all your plans will be available in your own weight loss profile! 


We recommend you to upgrade your nutrition plan to the Premium plan and you will receive Premium plan advantages:

  • nutrients and calories - accurate information provided for all products and recipes
  • special tricks for you to lose weight even faster and easily reach your goal weight
  • detox and real power drinks - accelerate weight loss, boost energy and health: you'll feel fantastic!
  • what are the best times for meals for maximum weight loss effect
  • cheat day guidelines and recipes
  • special treats that can be added between meals
  • reasons why some people fail with their weight loss
  • tips and tricks how to eat healthy and tasty meals if you are preparing food for a whole family
  • tips on what to do whenever something unexpected happens and you just can't follow the meal plan
  • and much more!

To start your Premium plan you will need to log in your weight loss account and you will find your Premium plan! 

If you need assistance, please contact your nutritionist in the chat section. We will be happy to help you!